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Edward V. McGinniss D.V.M (Dr. Ed) is a 1984 graduate of the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine.He earned his bachelor’s degree prior to that from the University of Illinois,College of Agriculture. He started the Animal Hospital of Lake Villa in 1993. Dr. Ed shares his home with two Australian Shepherds, Reyna, and Finlea. Reyna, and Finlea come to work every day and many times will greet you at the front desk.

Professional Associations: Dr. McGinniss is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Illinois Sta County Veterinary Society.te Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA), the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and the Lake County Veterinary Society. Dr. McGinniss has served on the executive board of the CVMA and is a past President. Dr. Ed has also served on the board of the ISVMA and is president of the Lake County Veterinary Society.

 Rodney Unger, DVM – Dr. Unger is a 1992 graduate from the  University of  Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine giving him over  24 years of experience. When Dr. Unger was younger, he actually  wanted to become a  garbage man, however somewhere between  3rd and 4th grade he realized  that veterinary medicine was his true  calling. He grew up near a dairy farm  that made their own ice  cream in Leigh High Valley, Pennsylvania which      helped him  develop his love of animals. His favorite part of the job is not    only  helping pets recover, but helping them enjoy the entire veterinary  experience. Dr. Unger is a huge believer in using Fear Free  techniques  making him a great asset to our team. He is an avid  fitness lover,  participating in triathlons that allow him to swim, bike and run a lot. His most recent accomplishment was finishing the Iron Man Challenge which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run which took about 15 hours. He trained for years to be able to accomplish this great adventure and plans on doing it again this September. Dr. Unger has a huge heart and loves to volunteer time to his church whether it’s to guest host or usher for services. He loves watching baseball and even though his heart belongs to the Cardinals, he does root for The Cubs thanks to his wife of 24 years.  

10406841_741737069195502_8915465616035424526_n-001Chris joined us way back in 2002 as a veterinary assistant. He started without any previous veterinary experience but proved to have an excellent aptitude for animal care. He soon developed impeccable nursing skills. With nearly 15 years of experience, Chris is our most senior assistant and has built a great bond with our clients. One of Chris' favorite parts of his job is working in the lab as he is completely fascinated with running different times of blood work and cytologies. Over the years Chris, has added the job of Inventory Manager to his position and is responsible for our inventory of medical supplies. This is a huge task that he takes as seriously as his medical duties. Chris is pictured here with Matilda, a very loyal and loving patient of ours and a member of Chris' favorite breed, the English Bulldog.

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IMG_6728Maria joined our team in April of 2013. Her upbeat and exciting attitude made her an outstanding addition to the front desk but soon proved to have other amazing qualities. She has since then become the Director of PR and Marketing. Through this position, she has added the responsibilities of running our social media websites, setting up community events, gathering surveys and overseeing other marketing duties. Maria loves meeting new people and maintaining a great rapport with all of our clients. Maria is very hands on in the practice and helps where she is needed, whether that means answering phones, helping with radiographs, taking vital signs or anywhere in between. She is currently working on finishing up her Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Marketing. Expect to be hearing Maria’s cheerful voice when your pets are due for their annual examinations. It also helps that Maria habla español. Maria shares her home with an adorable yet stubborn Lhasa Apso whom she named Chewie, after her favorite character in the Star Wars film series.

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 Aaron joined our Veterinary Assistant team in the summer of 2014.  He has since then passed all of his training levels and is an  important part of our medical team. His home life experience has  definitely given him an advantage as most dogs tend to adore him. Recently, Aaron has added the title of “Safety Manager” to his role. He maintains all of our safety protocols as well as organizes  regular tornado, earthquake and safety drills to keep us on our toes.  Aaron is currently attending Penn Foster in order to obtain his  Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology which means Aaron will  become a Certified Vet Tech. This means he will soon have the ability to do a lot more without the doctor’s assistance! We’re very proud to have him on our team. Recently, Aaron has been honored with the title of Director of Medical Services which means that he helps with quality control. This is a huge responsibility as it means that Aaron has to know all of our guidelines for proper medicine as well as lead the team of assistants to follow in his path. Aaron is pictured with Emma whom won over his heart after coming in as a very sick stray. Aaron helped her gain strength and she is now healthier and happier than ever.

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IMG_6703Tamar joined our Veterinary Assistant team in the Spring of 2015. She has a passion and love for animals that is shown through her volunteer work at Briar Hill’s Farm. This type of work has made Tamar an exceptional staff member, aiding in restraining and handling animals. Have you ever tried to sheer sheep before? Tamar has and while it’s not an easy task, Tamar loves doing it! Tamar received her Bachelor of Arts from Washington University. She loves to travel and experience new things. Her young, fresh and adventurous approach to situations has proven to be a great asset to our team. Tamar has a very caring and compassionate heart which is why she's always ready to help with all of our rescue fundraising and volunteer efforts. She is pictured with her very own, Emma, a shy and lovable beagle. 

IMG_6111Brooke joined our rambunctious team in the fall of 2015 and her cheerful, pleasant manor has made her a wonderful addition to the front desk staff. Her official title is Director of Administrative Services so she takes care of a lot of the book work for us. Brooke has been a long time friend of Animal Hospital of Lake Villa and regularly volunteers time to our fundraising efforts benefiting local rescue groups or foundations. Her very own Ruger, so handsomely pictured on the right of Brooke, is trained to search for narcotics, ballistics, people and trained for bite work. It helps that Brooke’s husband, Terry, is a professional trainer and handler.  Brooke, the smart cookie that she is, is also a Certified Nursing Assistant but she gave up that career path to start a family. She now has a beautiful family with two adorable kids and we are very happy she has chosen to work with us. 

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IMG_0208Brittani is our most recent addition to the team but don’t let that fool you! She has had broad experience in customer service making her a perfect fit for our front end reception team. She has also taken on the part time duties of our custodian for the time being. Brittani is the ultimate outdoors gal with hobbies like fishing, archery, hiking, kayaking, camping, four wheeling, and more! If it’s outdoors, she loves it. Brittani’s father was a fire fighter so she grew up with all sorts of fire training and has even been trained in side scanning sonar. While Brittani doesn’t own any pets of her own, she frequently works with cadaver dogs as a part of the Community Emergency Rescue Team. She grew up with all sorts of dogs during her childhood years so naturally, she became an animal lover like the rest of us. Brittani is pictured to the left with K9 Nadja of Seldin Security.

 Matt has recently joined our team but don’t let that fool you! He comes  with 14 years of veterinary assistant experience and we’re very  excited to have him on our team. Matt gained a passion for helping  animals during his years working at Save-A-Pet. His favorite part of  the job is having a positive effect on the animals, clients and life  overall. Currently, he loves that Animal Hospital of Lake Villa  genuinely does the right thing when it comes to the patients and our  efforts through our Fear Free Certification. In his free time, Matt  enjoys playing guitar and singing lead. Him and his band actually  recorded an album and signed a record deal and he aspires to do that again someday. His favorite foods are Cuban food and sushi. He’s also a big coffee drinker like the rest of us but likes his coffee black. Matt shares his home with two cats and a chinchilla and he’s already shown to have a special way with our patients. We look forward to mutual growth, learning and service. 

image1Dr. Joanna Proszowska-Szewerniak (a.k.a. Dr. Joanna) is a veterinarian that provides relief services to hospitals in the Chicagoland area. Her professional interests include small animal medicine, emergency medicine, conservation medicine, and humanitarian development work. She is a 2006 graduate from University of Illinois and also recently completed her MS in Conservation Medicine at Tufts University. She is also an Executive Director for the All For One Foundation that works to provide health and education to children in developing countries. She believes that as veterinarians, we must devote time to advocate for animal welfare, public health, and environmental health.