OraVet Works!
When I dropped my dog Beanie at Animal Hospital of Lake Villa for her yearly checkup and vaccinations, I knew that I would be told that she needed her teeth cleaned. Last year she had 10 teeth pulled and the year before she lost seven. How many would she have left? How much will it cost? To my surprise I was told that her teeth did not need to be cleaned this year. The only change I had made was to give her OraVet instead of her usual treat each morning. Last year AHLV gave me an OraVet sample. Beanie liked them but they did cost more than her current treats. I researched them and learned that OraVet chews leave a film on dog teeth which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. I decided to give them a try for a year. Obviously, they worked. They are worth the cost, which is more than other products, but much less than multiple extractions and a cleaning! I highly recommend OraVet to all pet owners.

Vera P. & Beanie

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