Lake Villa Pet Happiness Program

Just like humans, pets experience psychological and physical stress. In small doses, that stress is vital to their ability to survive. But when stress is too great or goes on for too long, pet health begins to suffer.

We are working closely with Dr. Rolan Tripp and his team of veterinary behavior professionals, with the goal of finding out why your pet is exhibiting unwanted behaviors.

About Our Program

Dr. Tripp explains the benefits of the Pet Happiness Program.

The Importance of PsyMed

Behind our program is an artificial intelligence engine that has been trained to search for behavioral signs of underlying psychological chronic stress that contributes to medical symptoms. This stress may be hidden by the individual similar to the way many humans hide their stress. One goal of this program is to uncover and correct these underlying psychological chronic stress to prevent the eventual onset of medical symptoms which could have been prevented using this approach.

For those interested, here is a link to the research project behind our program.

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