Enjoy our video we put together for Thunderworks season!

As the season of thunderstorms and fireworks approaches, loving pet parents may start to worry about how their furry family members will cope. At The Animal Hospital of Lake Villa, we affectionately call this time of year “Thunderworks Season”. As your trusted veterinary care provider, we’re here to offer you some valuable tips on how to prepare your pet for these potentially distressing events.

Recognizing Fear and Anxiety in Your Pet

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s important to recognize when your pet is fearful or anxious. Common signs include trembling, pacing, panting, hiding, or trying to escape. If your pet exhibits any of these signs during loud events, they may be suffering from noise aversion.

Providing a Safe Space

During “Thunderworks Season,” it’s crucial to create a quiet, secure space for your pet. This might be a closet or a small room with few windows. Furnish the area with your pet’s favorite blankets and toys to create a comfortable and familiar environment.

Noise Aversion Techniques

One popular noise aversion technique is to play calming music specifically designed for pets. Research has shown that classical music or specially composed pet-friendly tunes can have a calming effect. There are many playlists and CDs available online; simply search for “music for pets during thunderstorms or fireworks” and choose one that suits your pet’s preferences.

Medications for Noise Aversion

For our current patients who experience significant distress during “Thunderworks Season,” The Animal Hospital of Lake Villa provides certain medications that can help. These medications work to alleviate your pet’s anxiety and fear response to loud noises. If you feel this might be necessary for your pet, please contact us to discuss the best options.

Training and Desensitization

Over time, you can help your pet become less afraid of loud noises through desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques. This involves gradually exposing your pet to the sounds of thunderstorms or fireworks at a low level, and rewarding them for staying calm. The process can be slow, and it’s best to start well before “Thunderworks Season” hits.

As a pet parent, it’s tough to see your furry friends in distress. But with preparation, understanding, and patience, you can help your pet navigate “Thunderworks Season” more comfortably.

For more advice or to discuss our noise aversion medication options, please visit our website at lakevillavet.com or call us at 847-356-8387. We at The Animal Hospital of Lake Villa are committed to ensuring that both you and your pet can enjoy a serene and safe “Thunderworks Season”.