Our Comprehensive Services

Our services cover all of your pets needs, from the moment they walk through our doors! Speak to one of our client care representatives today to schedule an appointment!

Wellness Visits

Wellness visits include a physical examination by one of our veterinarians, and recommendations of bloodwork, internal parasite evaluations, vaccinations, and parasite preventions.


We offer routine radiographs (X-rays) for bone and joint disease, renal or bladder stones, chest radiographs for heart disease or pneumonia, and cancer screenings.


We recommend regular teeth cleaning, scaling, and polishing to help promote a healthy lifestyle in your pet. Surgical extractions of teeth, if indicated through radiographs, can be performed as well.

Senior Wellness Visits

Along with everything recommended during a typical wellness visit, a senior visit (7 years +) also comes with the recommendation of bloodwork labs to evaluate your pet as they age.

Internal Medicine

Gastrointestinal disease, endocrine disorders including diabetes, thyroid diseases, cushings disease, liver disease, and renal (kidney) disease, oncology (cancer)


Numerous skin conditions can affect our pets. We are prepared to examine and check for common and/or less common problems like Pyoderma, Dermatitis, external parasites, and more.


Our doctors are trained and skilled to perform numerous types of surgical procedures ranging from spay & neuters, to ligament repairs. Our surgical suite is designed to AAHA standards.

Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy effectively treats pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, wounds, post-surgical swelling, inflamed ears, lick granuloma, hip dysplasia, disc disease, and more!

Ear Diseases

Video otoscope offers better visualization of the entire ear canal and the tympanic membrane (eardrum). We can identify polyps and tumors and surgically remove them using the video otoscope.

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