Gallant Stem Cell Banking

-Banking During Spay/Neuter Procedures-


Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save these incredible cells for extraordinary health benefits in the future!


Why bank your pet’s stem cells:

A simple choice now is best for the future.

Research shows stem cells decline dramatically in quality and quantity over time. That is why over 5 million parents have banked their children’s stem cells at birth.


Gallant’s process turns a spay or neuter procedure into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save your pet’s young healthy stem cells for use in later years. Stem cell therapies use your pet’s own biology to help heal from within – it’s a perfect match!

Avoid stressful procedures.

Other methods of harvesting stem cells from your pet require invasive measures. We simply extract the stem cells from the reproductive tissue your veterinarian typically throws away during the spay/neuter.

The field is rapidly evolving.

Arthritis and allergic skin conditions are just the beginning. Research continues to investigate the use of stem cells in veterinary medicine for a myriad of injuries and diseases that affect our furriest family members.

The future is bright.

While traditional treatments can require invasive procedures or merely manage symptoms, stem cell therapies address the root cause of injuries and age-related illnesses. Stem cell therapies have improved the quality of life of thousands of pets. The following statistics pertain to dogs.

  • Arthritis

    80% of dogs over 8 years old endure joint pain and limited mobility.

  • Allergic skin conditions

    1 in 4 dogs suffer from itchy, irritated skin

  • Dry eye

    1 in 5 dogs require eye drops multiple times a day

  • Partial ligament tears

    50% of dogs will experience severe pain, limping, and chronic inflamation


Gallant is dedicated to discovering the effectiveness of stem cell therapies for liver, kidney, bowel, and many more! For more information, please visit

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