June marks National Pet Preparedness Month, an important occasion dedicated to ensuring the safety of our beloved pets during emergencies. While we often have contingency plans for our human family members, our pets’ needs can sometimes be overlooked. This month serves as a reminder to incorporate our furry friends into emergency preparedness plans.

The Importance of National Pet Preparedness Month

National Pet Preparedness Month was established to raise awareness about the essential needs of pets during crises. Our pets rely on us for their safety and wellbeing, especially in times of emergency. Recognizing this month encourages pet owners to take proactive steps to ensure that their pets are safe and well cared for in the event of a disaster.

Steps to Prepare Your Pet for Emergencies

  • Create a Pet Emergency Kit: This kit should include a week’s worth of food and water, medicines your pet may need, a leash, a carrier, and comfort items like toys or blankets. Don’t forget to include medical records and a picture of your pet in case you get separated.
  • Identify Pet-Friendly Shelters: Not all shelters allow pets. Research pet-friendly options ahead of time so you can quickly find a safe place for your pet if you need to evacuate.
  • Ensure Your Pet is Identifiable: Make sure your pet is microchipped, and their tag is up-to-date with your current contact information. This can help reunite you with your pet if you get separated.
  • Train Your Pet: Train your pet to be comfortable with their carrier, and to respond to basic commands. This can make evacuation less stressful for both you and your pet.

The Role of Veterinarians in Pet Preparedness

Veterinarians play a crucial role in pet preparedness. Regular check-ups ensure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations, which is especially important in times of disaster. Veterinarians can also provide valuable advice on preparing your pet for emergencies.

Located in the heart of Lake Villa, the Animal Hospital of Lake Villa (101 S. Milwaukee Ave., Lake Villa, IL 60046) is a valuable resource for pet owners preparing for emergencies. Their dedicated team is always ready to assist with any pet-related concerns you might have and can provide guidance on creating your pet’s emergency kit.


Remember, National Pet Preparedness Month is all about taking the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s safety during emergencies. As we celebrate this month, let’s make it a point to review and update our pets’ emergency plans. After all, our pets are part of our family, and their safety is our responsibility.