Hello to all our pet parents!

At Animal Hospital of Lake Villa, we understand that vet visits can be a source of anxiety and stress for both pets and their owners, especially for our more sensitive or fractious furry friends. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new “Happy Visits” – a stress-free way for your pet to get to know us, without the pokes and prods of a typical exam.

What are Happy Visits?

Happy Visits are all about creating positive associations for your pet with our clinic. During these visits, there are no exams, no treatments, and no vaccinations – just treats, cuddles, and lots of love from our team. The goal is to pamper your pet so they learn that a trip to the vet isn’t something to fear.

Why Consider Happy Visits?

Reduce Anxiety: Regular visits to the vet can be daunting for pets who have had unpleasant experiences in the past. Happy Visits help replace those scary memories with positive, enjoyable ones. 

Build Trust: These visits allow your pet to meet and interact with our staff in a relaxed setting, building trust without the pressure of an examination. 

Easier Future Visits: Pets who are comfortable with their environment and trust their caregivers are likely to be calmer during future appointments. This makes examinations and treatments smoother and less stressful for everyone involved. 

Personalized Attention: Happy Visits give us a chance to get to know your pet’s personality and preferences outside of a clinical context, which can improve our ability to care for them. 

How to Schedule a Happy Visit

To schedule a Happy Visit, simply give us a call at 847-356-8387. After your call, one of our friendly veterinary assistants will reach out to you to finalize the details and pick a time that works best for you and your pet. These visits are designed to be short and sweet, focusing purely on fun and relaxation for your pet.

For more information, you can also email us at info@lakevillavet.com or visit our website at lakevillavet.com.

We invite you to bring your pet’s favorite treats and toys to make the visit even more enjoyable. Our team is excited to meet your pet and give them the royal treatment they deserve – no strings attached!

Join us in making the vet a happier place for your pet. Book a Happy Visit today and watch your pet’s tail wag as they walk through our doors!

Looking forward to celebrating many happy moments with your beloved pets,
Animal Hospital of Lake Villa